SEMO Christian Academy began as a dream in April 1978. A school board was elected soon after, and the school first opened its doors that August, offering a preschool program for three and four year olds. The inaugural school year saw the admission of six students. In 1979, a kindergarten program was introduced. Enrollment steadily increased, with the total ultimately reaching approximately 160 students.

By the fall of 1980, the school had introduced an elementary program that included grades 1–4. An additional grade was added annually for the next few years. During the 1983–1984 school year, SCA initiated an athletic program, offering basketball to students in the upper grades. Around the same time, the school also added grade 8 and began offering band, which had a high rate of student participation. Grade 9 was added in the fall.

By 1986, the school had added grade 10 and had plans to add grades 11 and 12. Sadly, on May 15, a damaging tornado devastated the Sikeston area, destroying 100 homes as well as the school’s gymnasium, cafeteria, band room, and science building. The school was unable to rebuild or recover much of what was lost and was forced to end many of the programs it once offered. However, the elementary, kindergarten, and preschool programs survived. Low enrollment for the elementary program eventually led to its discontinuation in 1989.

The final kindergarten class was held during the 2022–2023 school year, which also saw the departure of two of the school’s longtime and beloved teachers. Afterward, the school began focusing solely on its preschool program and continues to shape the lives of many children and families in the Sikeston area today.